My first 30 day challenge #nochipchallenge

My first 30 day challenge.

I always see these challenges on Instagram and YouTube and I love the idea of them but I think the only challenge I have ever attempted was the 30 days of yoga by Yoga with Adrienne… and I’m not sure I quite made it through the full 30 days. Today I decided to create a challenge for myself, the 30 day no chip challenge. 

Potato chips are my junk food weakness and I am currently in a bad habit of regularly picking up a bag after work and eating either the whole thing, or most of it, before dinner. This habit is being magnified by the fact that my office has bags of chips on offer to snack on every day. But weakness no more! They say it takes 21 days to break a habit, I’m giving myself 30 days for good luck.

My intention for these 30 days is to become more aware of my eating habits so that I can start to improve my diet again as I have a feeling that too many “treat” have made their way into my “regular” diet. That is why, along with this challenge, I have also challenged my self to move everyday. This means in addition to 4 gym workouts a week I will be going on walks, runs and do mini workouts at home.

Feel free to join me and let me know on Instagram @jessicasvenson and @veganbrunchbox. Also, check out the countdown in the sidebar of the blog to stay on track.

Goodluck and thanks for reading,


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