My favourite things this May

Before we start, the format of this favourites post is directly taken from Lexie Lombard. I think a monthly favourites post of this format can not only be a good way to get some recommendations from like-minded people but also provides a great snapshot into someones life, so when I look back on this post in years to come I’ll be able to remember my mindset in May 2017. Let’s hope I can make this a semi-regular thing.



This may be a bit of a cop out, but I graduated this month so my favourite thing to wear was most definitely my grad gown. Graduation was not exactly something I was looking forward to, but I am proud of the achievement and I know it’s most likely that this was the one and only time that I would wear this piece.



Smoothie bowls have been my absolute favourite thing to eat this month. I’ve even been making them for dinner! I think its because I have been back into the gym, and smoothies tend to go hand in hand with a healthy lifestyle for me. I also think I am subconsciously rebelling against this cooler weather by pretending its still summer. Either way, the art of smoothie making has been mine this month.

Impressed by


I am totally impressed by the @goodforstore this month, I am so glad I got to check the place out. If you live in Auckland you have to pop over to Ponsonby to see this place. It is a “refillary” which basically means it’s a bulk food store, however, unlike other bulk food stores in NZ the Good Food Store is plastic free and zero waste. I am not perfect, but this concept is absolute goals for me and I intend to buy all my pantry staples from here in future. Especially if it means filling my pantry jars up directly!


Screen Shot 2017-05-14 at 12.01.34 PM
Picture from:

I am not much of a reader and haven’t been much so since leaving high school five years ago! However, this month I have been really into reading blogs again, probably because I started my own. My favourite blog at the moment is Thrifts and Threads not only because I love Brittany’s style, but also because she has some great posts and advice for starting a blog.



Hello, Riverdale! Season one has just ended and I already can’t wait for season two. I have been watching way too much Netflix recently and this has been my favourite show. I also really appreciate how the show released episodes weekly as it gave me time to appreciate it and look forward to future episodes. It’s also pretty cool to see a kiwi actor taking a lead in such a stereotypically American show.



As I mentioned in the eating section, and maybe you can tell from my previous post (My first 30 day challenge #nochipchallenge), I am trying to get back into a healthy and more balanced lifestyle. I’ve been back at the gym for a few months now but this month has been more focused for me. I have made a plan of getting to the gym on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday and then doing short workouts at home on the days in between and it has been great! Definitely one of my favourite things to do at the moment.

26 days to go for the no chip challenge! Join in with me on Instagram 🙂


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