Hello, welcome to my blog.

My name is Jessica, I am a twenty-two year old “young professional” from Auckland, New Zealand who is attempting to write a blog. Again.

I have dabbled in the art of blogging on and off through my teens, but the habit never seemed to stick. I think this is because I would create a blog for a specific genre – makeup, fashion, fitness, food – and once I grew tired of the topic I would just stop posting. This time around I want to create a space that contains a snapshot of my life as it evolves throughout my twenties. A somewhat cliché journey of a girl learning to become an adult, or “adulting” as the kids may say.

Like everyone else I want to lead a life of purpose, I want to reduce suffering and be my best self. My interests include veganism, minimalism, environmentalism, health and fitness, travel, equality and career building. I love my job and my interests outside of what I do are vast. I hope to share my experiences and show that you can have a full-time job and follow your other passions.  I hope you enjoy this space.

Thanks for reading,