My first 30 day challenge #nochipchallenge

Potato chips are my junk food weakness and I am currently in a bad habit of picking up a bag after work and eating either the whole thing, or most of it, before dinner. This habit is being magnified by the fact that my office has bags of chips on offer to snack on every day. But weakness no more!

6 steps to a budget friendly meal plan

Since starting full time work I have done my best to be a responsible adult and plan my meals each week. I am super lucky to work at a company that provides everything I need for breakfast and an amazing cooked lunch each workday, so I only really need to plan my dinners. The 6 steps below outline what I do to plan my meals on a budget each week.

How I make rice paper bacon

Honestly, I typically don't make this recipe to add it into other recipes, instead I like to just snack on the strips as they taste like the Cheese and Bacon Shape crackers to me and they were my favourite crackers as a kid!